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Saturday, April 17, 2010

April 17, 2010

heading home

this is our main road,
it is narrow, curvy with no shoulders.
this is one of the few straight stretches on the island!
this road circles the island
just two lanes.
there are alot of toyota taxi's that travel this road!
not alot of islanders  have cars so
taxi's are very reasonable...
most rides cost about 1.50
to travel about 10 minutes.
which is so great!
if the person doesn't have any money
then they simply flag down a vehicle.

the truck ahead of us
stopped in front of me
and a mom and her little girl hopped in.
it is just the way things work here.

if you own a car then
i hope that gratitude will rise up in your heart
because many many many people in the world
don't own a car
or a house
or a boat
or a piece of land.

they travel light.
in the back of trucks as the sun is setting.
i think they are in many ways smarter then we realize...


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