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Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15, 2010

leaving port

this was taken from don and jeanette's
place up on the hill.
we were heading out for 
jeanette's birthday dinner.

what a busy day.
i spent the morning volunteering
at the 'made in roatan' shop,
talking to tourists who came off  the cruise ship,
selling local made art work.
a wonderful morning.

i met a couple 
lee and clem 
fellow canadians
who were wondering about a tour to west bay
i had tried to call a couple of local tour people
then it occurred to me:
'i am going to west bay for a birthday lunch!!'
so i offered to drive them to the beach,
have lunch 
then pick them up.
why not?

after a brief moment of hesitation
they agreed 

the birthday lunch was wonderful,

then i drove back to infinity bay and we sat with lee and clem under the shade of an
umbrella  and enjoyed a cool port royal
was refreshing and good
i wish i took a photo of them.
such great folks!!
i drove them back through sandy bay to see our place.
i always like to show people the view from our deck.. 
personally i think it is one of the best around!
lee said,
um.. i could live here!

they enjoyed themselves
so did it.

then i picked up bob
who has been helping to build a wee house for a family here on the island
dropped him off at the house
picked up emily to go groceries shopping for
balloons, and supplies for pauline's birthday tomorrow.
then home for a quick shower,
and off to jeanette's birthday celebration at 
the argentian grill.
great sunset there, 
and fun times.

what a busy yet great day.
um.. for the record
i was in bed by 9:00!!

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