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Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010


i am sorry this is such a crap photo
but my reflexes were too slow.
so i will have to paint a picture for you.

old couple
gentleman in a cool and snazzy cap,
steel grey eyes looked back at me in the rear view mirror
do you think he could tell i was staring???
i bet.
the lady was just as classy with her head covered in a scarf.
who ever said old floridian folks are stodgy?
i tried to get a picture of them
but then he switched lanes.
walmart bound.
i won't hold that against him!
so this is the best i could do.

i wish
i wish
i wish

i wish i had a triumph spitfire
an aqua spitfire
from the 60's.

yup that would make my day alright!


  1. Hello Debi, I see you are having a good time here in Florida.

  2. i actually really like this photo

  3. Hope and pray you're feeling much, much better soon, Debi! Just got onto your blogspot and are fascinated with what you and Bob have been up to. Take care and be well!

    God bless,
    Paul and Laurie Normandeau, Vernon, BC