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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

on route

this was taken from the window of a small 20 seater plane
we flew from roatan to la ceiba.
i love shooting into the sun.
i remember when i was a teenager that was considered such a big no no!
don't point your camera directly into the sun!
HA! I say now!

we are going to florida to celebrate Bob's Mom's
83 birthday.
I lost my Mom suddenly 4 years ago and now I don't take life
for granted
we need to enjoy and celebrate moments together.

today will be a long day of travel.
roatan to la ceiba
la ceiba to san pedro sula
4 hours wait
then fly to fort lauderdale
3 hours wait
then orlando.
then a 1 1/2 hour drive to sebring.

i expect we will be there around midnight.
the good thing about bob and i is that we both don't mind
waiting around.
we met a man and his daughter in roatan
and they are on the same flight and uncertain about honduras
so we have sort of adopted them.
they are following us.
and doing whatever we do!
we are getting to know them.
it is all part of the day.

i found a spot with a plug in,
borrowed a chair from econo rent a car guy
(all in bad spanish!)
at first he said no to the chair, but when he saw
that i was going to sit on the floor i heard him say
then he pointed to the chair and smiled.
that is really a term for an old lady.
sheesh... or maybe it is one of respect.
let's hope so

anyways,  i am grateful that today
all we need to do is travel,
meet people
and enjoy being together.

i admit though.
i miss roatan already!

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