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Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24, 2010

wanna dance?

I love to dance.
I do.
It makes me happy.
Not that I am the world's best by any stretch of the imagination.
But if I have the option to dance or sit it out I will dance!
Bob doesn't like to dance.
It's a shame.

In Nova Scotia we used to go to ceilidhs
because we loved the celtic music and we'd watch the dancers.
Every Friday night.
One night I saw this short little East Indian man dancing
up a storm.
Boy he could dance!!
At the break I sauntered over
(yes that is just what I did!)
and I asked him where he learned to dance like that
He told me he took lessons.
Then he told me that he wanted to teach me.
I said no.
He said yes.
He won!
I was so nervous!!
But he guided me
(pushed me around basically!)
and hollered out instructions!
I had a blast!!!

After that I was hooked!
It is such great exercise.
Nova Scotia dancing isn't like square dancing,
it is more like a cross between irish dancing and maybe
what you'd see in those castle scenes in movies.

I saw these figurines and I thought...oh to dance again!
I hope that the things that really make you happy you pursue.

It is so worth it.

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