Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

if you are a mother i hope you had a wonderful
day surrounded by people you love and
spoiled in ways that you deserve.

see the mother and the baby in this photo?
i didn't notice the bud at first but it was fitting to post
on mother's day. 

it was tradition in our home to make breakfast in bed
on special days.
i have had many many interesting breakfasts from my kids.
when they were small it was a little scary to eat what they
had prepared for me.
i guess the most 'unique' mother's day breakfast
was when they decided to make me 'green eggs and ham'
i used to decorate cakes so they used some green paste
and i tell you those eggs were really green!
it was okay until i began to eat the over easy eggs 
because suddenly the green with the yellow of the yolk
made a very bright and somewhat disgusting blue color!!!
blue eggs are... really.. hard to stomach!
i could barely eat it.
but i did.
of course!  

this year we didn't have any kids around but it was good to
skype with mattie.
when bob told him that he was given a keyboard to use,
mattie was encouraging bob to play something.
every sunday for a long as i can remember bob would
play a variety of songs while the rest of us got ready.
it was just part of the morning.
so bob went over and played 'great is Thy faithfulness'
the next thing you know they are jamming away together
over the miles...
still connecting.
it was a very special mother's day gift to me.

bob and matt making music together over the miles

bob called his mom while we were at 
infinity bay after our snorkel.
no matter where we are
we often think of those we love far away.


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