Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

what is it?

any ideas?
i know it looks like a piece of burlap doesn't it?
but it isn't

it is alive.
well not really
it was alive.
it is now dying
it is in a state of decay.

i saw it while i was going for a walk to the
little pulperia (store)
for icecream
by the way,
have you guessed yet?

i cleaned house today
so the icecream was a little treat for bob and i
treats are important
yes they are.

have you guessed?
i hope so
 because i am going to tell you what it is right now.
it is part of a palm tree 
part of the trunk of a palm 

i never cease to be amazed 
at the beauty that is all around.
i am enjoying my new camera
it shoots with more saturation than i like
so i had to desaturate this.
i like vivid colors but not all the time.

it is the only drawback to the camera 
that i can find
(and no i don't have it set on vivid)

sorry if you want icecream now.
maybe you should go have some too!

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  1. Never would have guessed correctly...but I have seen something very similar. Some clever person came up with the idea of using shredded coconut husks to make a burlap like fabric to use when planting grass seeds. This material is spread on the ground over the seeds to keep them in place and when the grass grows thru the material it is composted back into the soil. Cool idea hey!
    p.s. - do you have a 'white balance' function on your camera - it can drastically change the color of the picture. Just an idea...
    love ya
    xx B xx