Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12, 2010

say what?

yesterday i took a couple of canadian girls
that i met snorkeling at west bay out on a tour
of the east side.

we stopped at the view, went into turquoise bay,
explored the garifuna village of punta gorda,
and into joneville where harold picked us up in his boat 
for lunch.

harold took us for a tour of the mangroves before
taking us to his little restaurant that sits on the
shore of bodden bight

we were just slowly going  through the mangrove
when suddenly the boat stopped!
my first initial reaction was 
oh no.. is it broken!??
 but the driver exclaimed:
he proceeded to push the boat backwards manually
(because the mangrove channel was too narrow to turn around)
and sure enough there it was

i'd never expect to see an octopus in the mangrove.
so amazing.
i knew i was on an island tour when the boat driver
smiled happily and said,
'that would be some good eatin' right there!'

um.. no thanks.
grateful that at the restaurant we had shrimp instead of octopus!!

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