Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

let it rain!

oh my goodness we need rain.
we have had a few times of rain in the past 4 months.
today it looked promising but it didn't amount to anything

i went snorkeling with ron, patti and edcuardo are west bay
it was a great swim!

we saw a huge, 5 foot tuna!
that is the biggest fish i have ever seen while snorkeling.
um.. well.. actually we saw a nurse shark once that 
was probably a bit bigger then that.

bob had things to do today so he dropped me off
and i took a water taxi home after our snorkel.
that is a cheap boat ride in my books!
i love it!
this photo is taken while on the water taxi.
ronnie my driver gave me his number and a guarantee
for the 'lowest prices on the island' for boat tours
to utila, cayo cochinos, or even palmetto bay.
when he quoted me his price i thought...
well.. those aren't  really the lowest!!

then i took a taxi to the house
my taxi driver's name was Jesus.
who would have thought i'd get a ride home with Jesus today!

actually i  like  to take Him with me everywhere I go
He is great company...  

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  1. Hi there - I know this might be a strange question, but where do you store your stuff when you are in the water ... curious minds need to know :)
    xx B xx