Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14, 2010

finder's keepers

i went for a beach walk with jeanette and rachel
this morning
well it isn't really a beach walk, 
it is more of a walk through a shaded beach road that leads
to a beach.
we meander along the shore past wooden houses on stilts,
little tiny stores
with veggies and fruit in bins out front, 
we walk through anthony's key  
(which is one of the first dive resorts on the island)
and then we hit the beach in sandy bay.
on the way back
i saw this hibiscus laying beautifully and in all her glory
on the sandy beach road.
i passed at the perfect time because she hadn't begun
to wilt or fade.

it made me think about timing.
and makes me grateful that things are out of my hands

i just walk along like a small child and watch things
unfold and happen before me.

i am grateful to be able to see beauty in shades of
red on pebbled sand.
a natural jewel placed on our path...
it is a great way to start a day!

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