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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 23, 2010

a secret ingredient

I promised more spring flowers so
here you are.
these are blooming everywhere on  the island right now.

i found out an interesting tidbit
about these flowers.
 if the spanish are low on eggs and have unexpectedly company
they go outside and get some of these beautiful blossoms, add them 
to their scrambled eggs to make them go further.

apparently the eggs are just a little bit sweeter!
can you imagine some fancy smancy restaurant in
North America
serving up some eggs on a lovely plate  with these fragrant delicate blooms.
it would cost a small fortune.
it would be a delicacy perhaps?
i wonder what they'd call it...

  anyways, so beautiful.
these trees are blooming all over the island!!
the cars will give you the perspective of how big the trees are!

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