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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 26, 2010

airshow madness

i have been to many airshows over the course of my lifetime
anything like this one!

one thing about honduras 
they aren't like the rest of the world.

they flew sooooooo low,
over the ocean where people were snorkeling,
over the beach where the people were watching

 see how low they are flying??!  crazy

even the hondurans were calling the pilots
which means CRAZY!
i concur!

but it was a fabulous show!

 jeanette and i went out for a snorkel
i didn't really like being out there because they were
flying so close but
i do love to snorkel and lots of people were doing it
so we went!

at one point
one of the planes stalled right over us
i mean right over us
and it was spiralling down towards us.

it was nuts!
i thought... okay well if i am going to die then 
i guess being in the caribbean is a good place
i know this may seem funny but i began to swim
away like crazy 
(as if I could outswim a spiralling plane!!!)
everything was okay
it was all part of the show and he just swerved upward and 
blasted off towards the sun.

i was having a mild heart attack
yeah we decided to go to shore at this point!!!

i have so many photos
that it would probably be easiest if i linked to 
my facebook if you want to see them.

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