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Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 24, 2010

secure enough?

this is a common sight on roatan
it bothers the living daylights out of me
so many robberies since Christmas!!

it's nuts!
emily and i went for a walk yesterday down
a little beach road and we saw this.
i took it because it epitomizes life here.
let's see:
fence:  check
barbed wire: check
lock: check

and here is the truly sad part of this blog
last night in the evening i heard moto our dog
barking his fool head off
so i opened the door and i saw a man walking on the property 
he was looking for liliana, our neighbor
fyi: we share our property with another family.

so i told him liliana had gone to church.
he had a bible in his hand.
i thought he was her friend.

but it turned out that while they were at church they 
got robbed.
i feel horrible!!
really terrible.
they lost alot of cash and electronics.

i love this island
but i hate the thievary!!

we aren't sure if that man who talked to me 
was involved or not.
i hope they catch who did it
but i doubt it.

this stuff goes on here 
wayyyy too often 
and nothing gets done.

okay i am done my rant.


  1. The stealing speaks to the island poverty, but it sure puts a dent in the trust of your fellow man. Even more so if that gentleman on the property was involved - passing himself off as a friend, carrying a bible no less.

  2. i certainly hope he wasn't involved. i don't think so. he looked authentic.. ie.. rather dressed up in dress pants like perhaps he was heading off to church and not about to rob someone. the police brought by a picture of someone who has been in and out of jail and has been robbing many people. it wasn't the guy i saw last night.

    who knows? my heart is heavy for marco and his family. very heavy.