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Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22 , 2010

handpicked by moi

today emily and i headed over to seadancer
i like their dock.
it is about 500 ft long which means beautiful breeze out there
also it has a upper section 
which means shade underneath.
shade is good.

we sat in the sun for awhile,
in the shade for awhile,
then went for a snorkel.
this shell was laying on the bottom of the white sand
the locals dive for the conch shells, take the conch out for dinner and 
leave the shells laying empty.
a treasure for me.

i like it.
i am happy because i am learning to dive down
and i managed to get this first time around.
yes, i am patting myself on the back.

poor emily got burnt today
even though she put sunscreen on.
fortunately we have aloe vera growing in the yard
so i slathered her.

going to take a sunbreak for awhile to let her heal.
i wear sunscreen too and seldom burn anymore
we jokingly say that:

have a great day whatever your day holds.

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