Friday, November 5, 2010

November 5, 2010

troubled seas

the wind has been fierce for the past few days
we haven't had a lot of rain though
but we are feeling the effects of hurricane tomas
even though it is over 800 miles away!

throughout the day my heart goes out to the people
of Haiti
Tomas went directly over them with all it's fury!

before we moved to the caribbean i would see news like that on tv
and think... oh that is too bad
but now that we are living here
it changes everything
it is more then just news
it is a reality that we know
i can almost see their faces
i sense their cold
i ache with thoughts of no food in their stomachs

what breaks my heart is that
haiti has suffered so much already
most of them are living in tents as it is
they dug trenches around the area and now unfortunately
some of those areas are like islands and people are trapped

many are dying

so much help and aid was 'supposed' to go to haiti 
after the earthquake and i have to ask:
why are they still living in tents??!
where did that money go?!

so i am troubled
but when my heart is overwhelmed
i agree with the psalmist and say
lead me to the rock that is higher then I

i read today that one lady in Haiti
said, "we are in God's hands"

if you pray would you pray for the people there?
if you don't pray then would you start today...
for their sake?

it is the least we can do...

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