Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

the cigar man

when the cruise ship docks in coxen hole
the street comes alive with vendors of all sorts
this guy sells cigars on the street
his hat is new so i couldn't resist taking his photo!

i took a taxi to the cruise ship at 3:00 and spent an hour
sitting in a chair at the shop
was a wonderful change for me!
it was great to interact with the tourists,
answering their questions, telling stories, selling things...
all while sitting down, of course!

it was good to talk to our other 'vendor' friends
getting lots of hugs etc.
there is a young man who lives nearby who is mentally challenged
i can barely understand him when he speaks
today he was saying something to me 
but i couldn't make it out
a few min. later he came to the shop holding a pair
of brand new white anklet socks
and smiling!
i was so appreciative and touched!
i need to wear shoes now and my socks are rather.. ugly..
so it was kind of robin to share one of his new socks with me
i thought.. 
to be 
out and about again

just a little outing
not much strain on my foot at all
but it was so good
i wish you could have heard bob's voice 
when i called him while in the taxi.
"you are what?
coming to the shop???"

"yes just for a hour or so
it will be fun"

and it was!

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