Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1, 2010

pure genius

can you do the rubix cube?
i can't
our daughter emily can do it in less then 2 minutes
this t shirt is so tiny ... i got it second hand
i wish it was bigger so i could send it to emily
but as it was i gave it to kandi

she is carlo's sister
every day she comes to the house around 9 am 
and brings him breakfast
homemade tortillas, rice and beans
his mom makes them fresh everyday
imagine that!!
and kandi walks about 40 minutes to bring it to her brother

since my injury i have been using kandi to help me around the house
today she swept, and dusted
and helped me finish making my photo cards.
she is meticulous and i know she is proud of the good work she does

i love their family!!
they are such a blessing

when i told her what the tshirt said
she smiled broadly
pure genius??
without a doubt!!

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