Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nov. 6, 2010

beach umbrella

i picked these flowers from the garden the other day
and today i noticed this one fell from the stalk
and it looked
so much like a beach umbrella
isn't it lovely?


today was such a beautiful day
it is still rather windy
a great day for drying laundry on the line
in the afternoon the sun came out
i went to the shop to help bob
and it was wonderful to sit on the chair outside in the sun

i am beginning to feel like being at the made in roatan shop
is part of our life here
it isn't like a job
it isn't something i dread
or wish i didn't have to do
it is just the opposite 
i enjoy it

it is hard to explain
i tell people we  volunteer at the shop
but truthfully it is more then that
it is a lifestyle
.. it is becoming an extension of who i am...

i love to give
i love to help
i love to talk to people

the shop allows me to do that and more!

even while i am selling
i am not just trying to get a tourist to buy something
when they are looking at a piece of jade jewelry or a painting
i want them to buy it because i know the person it will be helping

today a lady came in and was looking at a hand carved frame 
that javier made
she loved it
it is beautifully done
she got us to measure it and unfortunately it was too large for where she wanted it
she hummed and hawed for along time
i so wanted her to buy it!!
because javier is in university and i wanted him to have some extra
money for school or to pay his bills.

the people of this island are getting under my skin, so to speak,
~dear to my heart~
and that is why i love to go

i think it is a pretty good reason to do anything don't you?

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