Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

hold on to your hats!

today has been very windy as tropical storm tomas
goes by
we aren't being affected by it except for the wind

as i took this photo
i was leaning against a palm and it was battering up against me
carlos hollered through the wind:
el mar es muy bravo!!
which means
the sea is very mean!

yes it sure is
we were without power for most of the day
bob went to the shop today as norwegian spirit
was in the coxen hole port
but marco didn't call him til after 1:00
that is island time for ya!
as it was sales weren't too good because by the time
bob got there most of the tourists were heading back to the ship
oh well.
i am grateful for bob's willingness to just stop what he is doing
and head over to the made in roatan shop

i always feel bad for the cruisers on days like today
when the weather isn't idyllic
i hope they had a good day

with no power
i resigned myself to reading
my heel is getting better and better everyday
and i am grateful for that

well i should go and make some supper
in case we lose our power again with all these high winds
you just never know here

muy bravo!! that white line is surf which we don't usually get

usually the travelers palm leaves are smooth but they are getting all torn up

see how windy it is!!  sorry for the blur but with my heel i can't get on the ground too easily

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