Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9, 2010

a green jewel

this morning while out walking with brandi she pointed
out these little green squishy balls
that were all along the edge of the sea,
nestled in the seaweed.

i was quite curious as to what they were
i went out again in the afternoon to get a better photo of them
and  i asked a number of local people
what the squishy green balls were

most didn't have a clue
but some ventured a guess:
a flower from the coral reef,
or maybe planktin,

i had to go online to find out what they were
i had never seen them before so after doing a bit of research
i found out that they are called codium bursa,
which is a type of algae

the one i found is quite small but apparently they can
grow to be the size of coconuts
they typically grow at about 11 metres deep 
 here is an  underwater photo of them in their natural habitat
(the algae is the second photo in the gallery, just click on it to see it large)

i guess with all the high winds churning up the sea 
that these little bits of algae have broken off and are
now littering the shore.

there is so much to learn everyday about life isn't there?
i find it fascinating to learn new things.

it is a wonderful world we live in
absolutely incredible
i hope you continue to enjoy small wonders
in your corner of the world!
glory glory glory
all around me
i am blessed

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