Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October 5, 2010


we spent the day at the shop today
and it was slow due to all the rain
yes it poured almost all day!!!
i had just said to bob,
"honey let's go home"
when a couple came in from australia
i showed her around the shop.

i showed her this piece.
it wasn't cheap
cost 35.00
i told her the artist, yourgin, had said that it was really a show piece
and he couldn't budge on the price 
just wanted people to see how beautiful it was.

she said,
it is lovely 
so lovely
in fact 
i want it!


the proud new owner!

it is lovely isn't it?
to be honest i am sad to see it leave the shop as i would often
walk to the window, hold it up to the light
and admire the colors of the blue and the streaks of iron pyrite
weaving its way through the stone

this was handcarved and polished by yourgin..
one of the many beautiful pieces of work 
in the made in roatan shop.

on a personal note,
i slipped and fell down zenola's wooden steps today
they were sooo slippery
as i was going down
i just prayed
'oh Lord please help me not to break anything'
i am happy to say i didn't break anything
but i have a big bruise on my back, elbow and i basically feel
like i was run over by a truck.

i wish i had a bathtub
because i would soak all the aches away.
so tonight if you have a bathtub (which is highly likely)
i hope you will give thanks for it
there are so many conveniences in north america that it 
makes it easy to forget that they are luxuries in most places of the world.

a tub...
a hot sudsy tub...
ahhhh.. i wish!


  1. If I could I would ship a tub to you.... I hope you feel better soon... I think I know those steps and that would be a bad fall..

  2. ahh.. sweet friend... there is a giant salt water tub right out your front door great for soaking...I only wish I could join you right now..its full of brightly colored fish and sand...or could you sneak into the hottub at infinity bay ya gatta have some God connections.. so sorry you slipped and fell down ouch...love you, and love reading your blog.

  3. i don't know if infinity has a hot tub. i know they have a pool.. my goodness i might look into it

    and the ocean? too cold right now ... we've had a lot of rain

  4. Hope you are feeling better by now! :-)
    Thanks for your compliment on my abstracts........just reviewing some city ones-sorting them out-wanting to start posting them
    stay well