Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010

happy thanksgiving

welcome to my world
when you don't have family near by you have to make family
this is my roatan family
carlos, the young man in the green shirt is our gardener
and we have definitely 'adopted' him
and have grown to love his family too

we had such a wonderful time together
sharing, laughing, stumbling through spanish/english together
but all the while extending our hearts and hands to each other.
it was a very special time
with too much food, lots of cake (not pie as they don't like that as much)
and lots and lots of laughter!

kendi the girl in the front came to the house a few hours early 
and helped me stuff the bird, peel veggies
and we made name cards for everyone
i taught her to stamp and emboss and she loved that!
we put a bible verse on the inside of each card 
and during the dinner everyone read it
we expressed what we are thankful for

i was so overcome with emotion that tears welled up in my eyes
those of you who know me well, realize how hard it is for me to not have family nearby
so to have these special people gathered around my table was really wonderful.

i realize that class, language, color doesn't matter one bit when 
love is expressed and shared.
it really doesn't matter at all

i am thankful
so thankful
for His unending love,
for my family across the globe
for my family near at hand
for friends who know me and still love me
and for a husband who still whistled at me when i dress up nice.

i am blessed.
happy thanksgiving.

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