Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7, 2010

white caps!

today i went to see laura
at turtle crossing, west bay
i had to stop when i got a glimpse of this view
out the corner of my eye.
amazing isn't it?!

the winds are picking up
normally the sea is calm here but lately it has been rough
i think it looks so majestic!

had a wonderful visit with laura
 she is the type of person
 who makes everyone she meets feel special
when i got out of the car she told me my hair
looked like i just got out of the hairdresser!!
i had to laugh because we all know that one of the drawbacks
of living in the caribbean is that our hair is dry, and very windblown
but i did blow dry it and she noticed my 'attempt'

we had a wonderful time together catching up,
laughing, sharing, eating salad together.

as we were cleaning up i asked if she used compost
and she told me she didn't but sometimes they throw it out in the yard
for the turkey vultures

she told me to toss it far
well i tossed it alright but forgot to take in the wind factor
and the next thing i know all the bits of salad were
sailing through the air  and landed in her pool!!

it was hilarious.
i then imagined her having a pool party and the surprise it would 
have been for her guests to have a 'spray' of wilty salad in their hair
and stuck on their expensive sunglasses!
it is good for the soul to laugh

you should see my toes!
she gave me a french pedicure.
yes i was spoiled rotten!
it was a belated birthday present

was a wonderful way to spend the day.
so thankful to be able to spend unhurried beautiful time together.
blessings to you laura

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