Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

from the top

this morning brandi and i hiked up to the top of lawson rock
she hiked,
i huffed and puffed!
the view was soooooo worth it!!
can you imagine waking up to that view?
hey have lots that are for sale up there.
what a nice place to build a house ...

i wore shoes for the first time in months 
and i got blisters so decided to hike up in bare feet
i am becoming more and more and more
'island' every day

brandi and i had such a good time
sharing together, laughing, and as i stood
there looking at that view i had to stop
and just thank GOD!
so blessed

i am heading to coxen hole to get my sandals fixed
since my feet are rebelling against shoes.
there is a man in the market who can fix any type of shoe
and he is cheap.
it is hard to get good sandals here so i am happy if they can be fixed.

i hope you have a beautiful day
beautiful inside and out.

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