Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 18, 2010

Water Hyacinth

today my friend brandi called to see if i wanted to go
to her friends house to get some plants.

we both brought a couple of plastic bags
we weren't prepared for the ladies generosity!

emilia, a lovely spanish lady who lives by the sea 
in sandy bay
has the most amazing garden!!

she got a shovel and her machete and began
wacking and digging huge plants out for us.
it is overwhelming.
i counted about 40 plants that she gave me
and the same for brandi

i tried to pay her for the plants but she kept saying
it is a gift, it is a gift in spanish

i said, yes it is a gift from you,
and may this be a gift from God to YOU!

but she wouldn't hear of it.
so kind
so so so kind.

brandi and i  were both so overwhelmed
we could barely get all the plants in the car!!
 i almost cried on the way home
~~tears of joy~~

i am so grateful
for the generosity on this island
so grateful

i am going to get someone to come and help 
me to prepare the soil, and help to arrange the plants properly.

what a big job!
but one that i am thrilled to have on my plate!!

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  1. Such a lovely gift Debi. Probably 1/2 my garden is plants I'v received from friends. The giving and receiving makes the garden so much more special.

    Take it easy with the digging - don't want to reinjure your back :)

    love ya
    xxx Bonnie xxx