Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20, 2010


one day last year sometime our neighbors climbed up a tree
to get me this flower
here is a 
photo i took at the time

today while i was at the kiln with bob in french cay,
i spied it for myself
i wasn't able to get the flower but i climbed up a bit to get a piece of the branch,
to plant, of course!
but i couldn't get it to break off so i went in search for a machete

i saw a couple of spanish guys
working on a truck so 
i asked if they had a machete
yes, they looked at me strangely
it is a rather strange request!! 
then i explained that i wanted a branch from a tree
one brave soul followed me back to the tree
now this guy is a pure saint
because he climbed up to get me a good thick branch!

apparently the thicker the tree (like a small trunk) the better they plant
or maybe he just wanted to show me his expert climbing skills!!!

at one point another man came over and started speaking in spanish
i heard him say,
she is crazy!

i laughed, and in spanish
i am not totally crazy just a little crazy
i really like plants!

i wish you could have seen the look on his face when he realized
i could understand him.
was priceless!!

so not only do i have a couple of big branches to plant
but we found some little seedlings near the trunk too.

i will be patient
i will be patient
and wait to have these flowers in my yard!!

imagine that!!


  1. that is beautiful!! and a hilarious story =)

  2. I love the story and your style of writing in addition to the pictures.
    And I know the feeling. I had my husband plant 10 trees in our front yard this year, and I just want them to grow, and be.

    Sue Wade

  3. Too funny Debi - sólo un poco loco :)