Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17, 2010


a confession

i admit
i have a bit of a problem
nothing serious really
but it is something i need to constantly deal with

i could be a potential plant thief!
it's true.
i love plants, and there are sooo many wonderful plants here
and things grow so easily so all you need to do is get a little slip,
stick it in the ground and it will grow.
do you think it is wrong to simply take a piece?
i don't really.
but if won't take the roots without asking

i got this piece from anthony's key.
i have it in water right now waiting for roots to form.
usually i just stick it in the ground but i don't want to
take a chance of it not 'catching',
or the dog running over it,
or it getting drowned in the rain
so i am babying it a little bit

yes i asked for a piece!!


  1. Gee whiz - plant thief, I don't think so... sheesh. I'd be in big trouble then. I prefer to call it "compliments of the neighbourhood".

    xx B xx