Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2, 2010

breezy blue

for the past for 7 months
we have had sun and heat
and the occasion trade wind blowing.

today the weather is sunny and coolish
am i loving it?

the rainy season is coming
it has been raining every night for the past few days
and today the sun came out, yet the wind remained
so it was sunny and not hot!
making it, literally, the perfect day!

i  gardened,
practiced spanish with carlos,
got caught up on correspondence,
shared my birthday cake
with carlos, candy and of course bob,
ran some errands with bob,
wash floors,
cleaned the bathroom,
did laundry
and hallelujah.. i didn't sweat!!!

i know you might be thinking that is more information that you need
but truly after 7 months of almost constant heat i am 
thrilled about the change in the weather.


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