Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept. 28, 2010


this is one of my favorite tropical flowers
it is called pride of barbados
i can see why they would call it that

we have a beautiful tree on the far side of the property
i got tired of making my way over there just to see it
or pick some flowers for the table
so i decided to try to grow some from seed.

i am happy to say it worked!!!
today the first flower bloomed.
small joys.
life is full of small joys.

was it worth the wait?

most good things are worth the wait
i am also happy to say that the wind is blowing,
rain is falling and that heat that plaqued us is now
a vague yet real memory.

there is a huge storm all around us
a tropical storm
so far it doesn't look like it will be bad
but truthfully i love a good storm

i feel terrible about the terrible mudslides and flooding 
in mexico
please lift them up in your prayers
many lives were lost, 
many homes were destoyed
sorrow prevails for them

on the topic of prayer please pray for our gardener carlos
he had a severe migraine today
he has the aura flashes, vomited twice
and  yet still resisted me taking him to the clinic
but.. i won and he went!
he has special meds to take and the doctor ordered some bloodwork 
to see if it might by acute malaria or anemia.

thanks for sticking with me as  i blog blog blog away.
i am on day 271 out of 365
less then 3 months til the project is done.

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