Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept. 27, 2010


the blue crabs are out in full force these days
you see them in the garden
(destroying plants.. argh!)
on pathways
on the road

i knew a gringo here who hated the blue crabs
so everytime he saw one on the road he would run it over
it was a sadistic pleasure of his
'ahha got another one!!'
but the problem was that they 'got' him in the end
when one of their pinchers put a hole in the tire of his car

i know it wasn't nice but i laughed when i heard that

it isn't just gringos that hate these little critters
but so do dogs
today moto, our dog was going crazy barking at it,
nipping at it, and basically trying to eat it
it is strange
can you imagine a north american dog trying to eat a crab??
i can't
but island dogs enjoy the crab meat.

strange eh?
who told the dogs that crab meat is good eatin'??!

i am happy to say that no crab was injured in this photo shoot
carlos managed to pick up the crab and throw it over the fence

i was proud of him because the local people love crabs..
in their soup!
i am glad he didn't kill it and take it home to mama

it isn't easy being a blue crab here in roatan
tis a dangerous place..

and for the record...
this blasted heat is making me crabby!
september is unbearable here because the trade winds stop blowing
and it is just HOT

the good thing is that in my crabbiness no one tried to run me over,
no dog tried to eat me
so i guess it is okay

i just regret not going out to run errands with bob in the a/c car today
instead i stayed home and roasted to death

yes i am complaining.

moto get away from that crab mister!


  1. Love this post. Years ago in Helene, I tried Blue Crab. I actually liked it.. :) Just sayin...but glad one got saved yesterday. :)

    It has been a BRUTAL month for sure. I am melting! Loving the cloudy weather but man, the humidity is awful! Bring on the cooler weather for sure!

  2. someone once made me blue crab soup and i GAGGED. so glad they left the soup at our house and didn't serve it at their house because literally i had to leave the house so i wouldn't throw up. no i don't like blue crab soup. bob ate it. said it was good. i will take his word for it.