Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 1, 2010

his thoughtfulness

i woke up to this sight
what a beautiful birthday greeting!
i guess bob did this after i had gone to bed

isn't he sweet?
he is!
bob is the best surprise giver ever.
he has given me many surprise birthday parties,
once surprised me with a trip to florida for our 10 anniversary.
he got me to the airport and i didn't have a clue that we were
going on a trip.

in the 28 years of marriage we have learned something
those who give surprises like surprises
but those who receive them often don't.

that means:
i should surprise BOB!
but i can't keep a surprise to save my life.

bob has learned to consult me more before
throwing parties and whisking me away on trips!

he asked what i wanted this year.
i didn't want a big party
i gathered together some of my island friends 
and took them out for dinner to a local dive..
oops i mean favorite restaurant.
it was fun to bless them!
we had a good time together

brandi surprised me with flowers picked from her yard!!

and then in the evening we had a few couples over for
a time of sharing, singing and support spiritually
and yes..
we had cake!!  

a lovely lovely day.

one thing that did surprise me was that
the kids are arranged to all meet up and skype together

mmmm cake!
looks like a small piece but that is because..
that was my third piece!!!


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