Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sept. 4, 2010


meet melvin
he lives down the road from us
and he is our roatan resident wood carver
you can see his work in many restaurants, on people deck's
or in front of shops
we are happy to have melvin's carvings in the
'made in roatan' shop

he uses driftwood from the sea 
and has a really funky unique style.
he just puts his carvings out in front of his house
and within days they are usually gone.

so i saw this barracuda last night and decided
today to take a walk down the road to get a photo
as soon as he saw me he laughed and said,
'debi, i make this guy because he is the big one that scared your son so bad!'

yes there is a huge barracuda that lives out front of our place
and one day mattie was snorkeling alone and mr. meany pants
(my nickname for the barracuda)
wouldn't let matt pass
and kept showing up in front of him

pretty scary.
so here you go mattie
melvin made this for you.
if i didn't hate barracuda so much i would buy it 
and put it on the back deck
but they are my least favorite sea creature.
so i decided to take  a photo instead.

here are a couple more of melvins carvings:

someone on the beach commissioned melvin to make this. the fins are hand carved.  i like it
as i walked up to this i thought, is that mermaid nursing a dolphin???  melvin looked at me and smiled and said, that mermaid is giving to the dolphin.. see she is nursing him.. the mother of the sea...ummm.. okay melvin.  :-)

this is a picture of his little workshop and how he displays his stuff by the road

at one point while we talking about life together he looked at me and said
'we need to lay everything at the feet of the Master
that is the secret to a happy life"

wise words melvin
very wise words.

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