Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept. 2, 2010

don't be afraid

i spied this guy on the deck and ran to get my camera
because he was totally brown with black markings
i rarely see them that color

but by the time i got my camera and chased him around
he went back to his olive green color and soon 
this head had changed from light green to brilliant blue.
i kept saying to him
'don't be afraid'
but he wouldn't let me near him
finally i managed to get within inches of him to get this
(didn't use zoom)
such a beautiful creature!
the detail blows me away!

today was such a lovely day here
a slight breeze is blowing 
and it is so refreshing

i had a nice visit with laura and sebastian this morning
so good to catch up
we had lunch here together
i thank God for friends like her
i wanted to take a photo of laura but she wouldn't have it
so here is a photo of sebastian,
the sweetest baby ever!

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