Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

live, love, laugh

my friend jenny gave me this about 8 years ago
i brought it to roatan because, 
well as you can see,
it is small and portable 
and doesn't take up alot of space

but more then that is because
i really believe that.

engage with those around you
whether you know them or not
breathe deep and experience 
taste, feel, see

don't be afraid to risk and reach out
not just to strangers or those at work but
even to those in your family where we often play it safe
consider their needs more highly then your own
ask yourself:  what can i do to make their life better

everyday find cause to laugh
not a weak, half hearted chuckle
but that deep belly laugh that makes strangers turn their heads
to see what could possibly be so funny

live, love, laugh


today while at the shop so many people asked why we moved to roatan
it is simple
God called us and the people here stole our hearts away
we live to serve them....

live love laugh
don't be afraid to let someone, anyone 
steal your heart.
don't play it safe.
risk it all
for someone else today.

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