Friday, September 3, 2010

Sept. 3, 2010

happy friday!

i rise and shine early 
usually getting up around 5:30 am
i looked out the window at around 5:50
and saw the most beautiful colored clouds poking over the tops of the trees
in the yard

i decided
to go down to the beach to get a better view
i didn't even get dressed just saundered down in my pj's
i didn't think there would be too much traffic on the beach
and i was right.

did you know that the cars actually drive on some of the local beaches here?
of course you don't know that!
no one drives on the big resort beaches but on the local beaches
it is very common to see taxis, buses and even motorcycles roaring down the beach!
but this morning,
not a soul
what a morning it was!
a nice way to start a friday

we went to the shop today 
but it was so s.l.o.w.
hardly anyone in and  hardly any sales!

 i went to the market to give money
to pedro's son
(pedro is the man who has jewelry in the shop and just recently died.)
i was happy to be able to meet his wife, wilma
i had a good chat with her giving her my condolences 
and bob  decided that it would be good to take her
to the grocery store to buy some groceries for her family after the cruise ship left
so we did!

we are so thankful for our canadian friends
who send us money for emergency situations such a this.
thank you 
thank you
thank you
a million thank you's

and believe me,
she was incredibly grateful
to the point of tears


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