Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept. 5, 2010

convo by the sea

every sunday afternoon we go to west bay
for our 'beach day'
it is wonderful because it is a beach day for  many people on the island
(translated:  the beach is packed!)
you look out and see many people greeting, kissing, talking and laughing
or standing neck high in water to stay cool
or walking hand in hand along the hot sandy shore
or sitting in the shade sipping a cool drink

i managed to capture those three people standing on the beach chatting
with the sun setting behind them

we met a new couple yesterday
dan and linda
from colorado who want to move here!
how exciting is that!?
they sat in front of us in church
making the number of gringos there now 6 instead of 4
yeah.. we go to an island church...a wonderful place!

so as we were talking after church we realized that we needed
more time to answer all the plethora of questions so i invited them
over for lunch and they joined us for our beach day:
snorkeling was too murky but dan enjoyed it anyways
he said
wow i can see that this would be beautiful on a clear day!
don't you love that kind of attitude?  i do

we sat at infinity bay talking under the shade of the umbrella
enjoying the trade winds that were blowing
and yes..
answered many many questions about life here on the island

it was a great day together!

 everyone who comes to our house enjoys our hummers that visit
i get them first thing in the morning, alone, and they do amazing things
for me, their mama because they are comfortable with me
i took this photo without a zoom.. yes i am THAT CLOSE!

isn't this the most amazing photo??  
i should have made this my photo of the day....
what was i thinking??   


one thing about life in honduras that is challenging is:  afternoon heat!!   we have west facing windows that fill the whole back of the house so believe me it gets HOT in the house.  often i go out on the side deck to find a breeze, or we go shopping, snorkeling, or i go for a walk.   i enjoy late afternoon walks by the sea.

here is a slideshow i made of some of the photos that i took while out walking and visiting with neighbors and friends.

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