Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept. 7, 2010

soy estupido

well maybe i should go so far as to say
'i am stupid'
but i sure did a stupid thing

sometimes i just do things so quickly that i regret it
this evening i had uploaded my photos that i took today
from my camera to the computer
now because i have take so many photos everyday
i always erase them off my camera card right away

 i made today's file for my computer 
and i thought i had put all of them in the file
but later realized i had only selected one
this crappy one that i took of a pharmacy
and by mistake i erased all of them

gone forever!!

now you may say no big deal
but today i specifically brought my camera into town 
to take photos for my other blog
and now nothing

i know i know...
i will have more chances to take photos 
but alot of them were great candid shots of people
and they cannot be replaced.

bob has said to me time and time again
don't go so fast on the computer
he is right
i was grateful that when i told him my mistake that he didn't say
'how many times have i told you slow down!?!'

he is a good man.
so ya i am going to be more careful
a hard lesson to learn
but i think i have learned it

i hope.

i am done beating myself up...
hopefully it will be a good lesson learned....

so here is a crappy drive by photo of the farmacia
it is nicely painted i have to say...
but photo worthy?
not really.

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  1. i found a site that will restore photos from the cd card for FREE! how cool is that???


    thanks teena for the suggestion to google this.