Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sept. 8, 2010

in my garden

went to the shop again today
the carnival ship came over to the coxen hole port
due to high winds are mahogany bay

we had a great day there
people on the carnival are fun loving and generous by nature
we sold alot of things for our friends
and had alot of fun conversations

i met a guy who was wandering the street with a tripod,
several camera bags and a nice nikon (did i actually say that?!)
he came in and looked at my photos and we talked photos
he just got his camera and is still shooting in automatic
i have a strong aversion to automatic
i will use it if we are travelling and i just want to 'get the shot'
but i prefer to shoot manual.
he didn't even know how 
so i had a fun time teaching him
it was a great visit

the fruit guy
came by on his bike this morning
and i bought a cantalope and a pineapple
the sweet smell of pineapple wafted through the shop all day


at one point a couple walked in and asked if we had magnets
(we don't)
and after they left bob said
i am a chick magnet
and stuck out his stomach like half of the island men here
i literally cracked up laughing
he is so funny
i am glad that after 28 years together
we still laugh together
it is a gift

when we got home we were both tired 
but it had been a long time since i meandered through the yard
so i went out looking at flowers
this one begged to be photographed
so pretty

i am sitting out on the side deck hoping to catch a breeze
it is starting to get sooo hot here
september is our hottest month by far.

tonight we are going to meet up with the people
we met in church on sunday for dinner
we are going to the island rotisserie chicken
it will be delicious!

i can't wait.

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