Monday, September 6, 2010

Sept. 6, 2010

five smiling faces

aren't these kids so precious?!
i saw them coming out of the school
they were laughing and running around
 the evening light
so perfect on their faces
so i asked if i could take their photo

i love how the one boy is beaming
usually hondurans don't smile for a photo
but i got all 5 to smile
and i didn't even have to ask them to smile
they were having fun
they were just being kids

someone said to me the other day
isn't it hard to live amongst so much poverty?
yes it is
but in spite of the poor living conditions, 
lack of good running water,
and no prospects for a thriving future
inspite of all that:  they are basically happy

it's beautiful

this school is about a 5 min. walk down the beach
from where we live

amber and i decided to go for a beach walk before dinner
to catch some breeze and a sunset
she went out deep sea fishing today and
she was thrilled that they caught some tuna 
apparently a barracuda snapped at one of the tuna before they could reel it in
did i ever tell you how much  i hate barracuda??!
anyways she asked if they could come over to cook the tuna
i think she thought i had some expertise but i haven't ever
cooked tuna steaks before.

the sunset was lovely
the tuna was delicious
and so closes another day in roatan


i spent the day cleaning and 
now at 9:00 pm i am ready for bed
God bless your sleeping and your waking


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