Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010


as soon as i saw this daisy in my viewfinder
i thought

i am not sure if that is a word or not
but here is my definition

i think many of us are disheveled under a guise
of orderliness or beauty
our clothes look good,
hair is straightened and combed
face washed

but inside?
a little disheveled

i know i am right now
we have moved 4 times in 3 weeks of being in
nova scotia
i am starting to become undone
it isn't easy to live out of a suitcase that is for sure

there is that delicate balance between
longing for home
and making the most of everyday here
visiting with the kids
and friends

there is also a delicate balance
between the outside being unorderly..
undone, unkept
and yet the inside
still being at peace

oh yeah
that is what i want:

so if you see me and you think
that debi has worn that same top for
the past 3 times i have seen her
it's called
no laundry done!

i may seem desheveled
but i am well groomed inside.
I can thank God for that!

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