Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

remembering roatan

i gave this shell to kathryne and paul
 when they visited us in roatan

now here in canada, in their home,
i was drawn to it like a moth to a flame

we are flying back on saturday
this week will be interesting since we have no car
i realized when we came here tonight
 that we didn't get any groceries
ummm... oops
i have a new appreciation for people who need to rely on buses
or friends to take them places

we tried to rent a car but they are booked
crazy eh?
oh well.

today i woke up with an upset stomach
and it lasted most of the day
so i lounged around reading my book
resting, and
staying hydrated through it all

i feel better tonight
i am thankful for that

bob and matt went swimming at cole harbour place
it was good for them

so tonight we are getting acclimated in yet
another new place
i am grateful that they are allowing us to stay here
while they are in cape breton

but i will be honest
i am longing for our own bed
my own cupboards
our home.

remembering roatan tonight

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