Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2, 2010

on the rock

i bought this hand carved cross as a gift for 
my mom from a little shop by the sea in 
nova scotia about 10 years ago.
when my mom died then 
it came back to me

i didn't bring too many personal things to roatan
but i wanted this with me
it reminds me of her
i reminds me to have faith
it reminds me that love should be
the fabric of my life

so this morning
i went for a walk by the sea
climbed this little rock face
placed the cross there

all to say
i believe
i do
i believe that He holds the whole world in His hands
He has me
He has you
He has my children.
Emily leaves for Canada tomorrow
she is in His hands.

the cross
 the cross means forgiveness
it means freedom
my life is not the same as it was.
He has changed me radically.

i believe.
no matter what you are facing
i hope that faith will rise up,
remind you of His love that pierced his soul
that took Him to the cross
for you
for me

happy sunday.

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