Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3 , 2010

adios mi hija
(goodbye my daughter)

this morning we faced the inevitable
we knew that the day would come when emily would return
back to school in canada.

for the past few days i have felt my heart get heavier
and heavier
sadness is an interesting thing... like how does my heart
to know to squeeze so tight that it threatens to stop beating?

i love living in roatan.
i do.
being so far from the kids is really hard on my heart.
it is just that we are sooo far away and it isn't easy to just drop in to see them.
and they can't get 'home' that easily either.

i have shed tears
unashamed today.
i miss my kids so much 
that it hurts.

BUT through it all
there would be a sweet calm that would sweep over me
every now and then
like a breeze and i would be assured that He
is near us all
helping us to lean in.

this day has been a mix of calm peace and a choking feeling in my heart.
it is a time of adjustment and i am grateful for the prayers of many of you
and for the peace that gently stirs my soul to believe
be grateful


goodbye sweet emily...
love will follow you home.

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