Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1, 2010

happy anniversary bob!

today we are celebrating 28 years of adventuring together
it's been quite the ride.
i remember when bob proposed to me in a canoe 
on a glacier fed lake in banff alberta 
that he said that he had a desire to 
follow and serve God and asked 
if i wanted to join him.

it wasn't a typical proposal 
but because my heart was smitten with 
his strong heart, his wit, his musical charm
and his deep blue eyes i agreed

one thing i will say is that through all that we have
gone through in life 
that he has been steady.
he is calming for my soul in many ways.

here is a quick sketch of our adventure:
~married in banff
spent the next year on a short term mission 
to the states, england and kenya east africa
~moved to the okanagan valley and did youth work
~started our family
~moved to canmore and started a church there
where we lived entirely by faith for a couple of years
(i could write a book about how He was faithful to us)
~decided to go back to school and got his masters
which meant living the next few years in 
the cold and barrenness of saskatchewant
~felt called to Nova Scotia where we
enjoyed maritime living for 10 years
~ left there with sad hearts to pastor another church in B.C.
never really recovered from that move but we weathered
it together.
~came for a visit to roatan
came again
and again
decided to move here.
our house sold in 8 hours.
we sold alot of our 'stuff' and put the rest in storage
drove across the country.
put our car on a boat and landed on this wonderful
island almost 2 years ago
and have been enjoying it fully!
who knows what will be next?
He does.

it's been a blast and there is more in store.
i love you bob.
you are still the love of my life.
thanks for being the most calming effect in my life.


  1. Quite an adventure dear friends! And Karen and I have been Blessed immensely to be a small part of it with you and your family. Our prayers, our hearts, and of course our love is with you always,

    John and Karen

  2. That was really great. I love how much of that journey we have shared together. Happy day