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Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010

on the ledge

mangos riping up in the sun
i wish i liked them more.
i am not crazy about mangos. yet.
hopefully i will develop a taste for them
the trees are loaded with them right now!

this was taken at our lawyers apartment.
she just had a baby and isn't back at the office yet
but we needed some papers from her so she told us
to 'drop over'
only in roatan.
so we did 'business' at her dining room table
we need to renew our residency in a couple of weeks 
something we need to do yearly.
but the paperwork
oh the paperwork
it is agonizing.

isn't it so like me that while they are talking about 
passport photos, and letters from banks, and documents
that need photocopying that i am 
looking happily out the window and i spy this 
lovely scene

beauty  ripening on a ledge
to the sound of water cascading down.
so sweet!


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