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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

try something new

i remember in elementary school there
were a couple of big no no's.
one was chewing gum in class
another was back talking the teacher
and the other was wearing
pink and red

that was just plain wrong.


today i went to sandy's to show her how to use her
canon 40D camera
sometimes manuals can be daunting so it is 
easier to shoot in 'automatic' mode

i have an aversion to automatic.
i find they do the best they can to figure out
what we are actually wanting to focus on
and the colors that will work best.
but in manual mode the creative juices can florish

i think she learned some things...
she learned she has a macro lens
she learned she can focus on one part and not the other
i taught her how to find bokeh
i taught to watch for backlight
watch for light
watch for light

did i mention
watch for light??
find the light
in photography
in life
once we find the light then everything is fine.

it's true.
even in dark times 
like when i lost my mom
and i thought the darkness of grief would consume me
i would see a child laughing wholeheartedly 
~light shining~
or i would see the sun continuing to set
~light shining~
or one of my kids would give me a hug
~light shining~
or bob would make me laugh and in that minute
i would forget my sorrow.

find the light.

and don't be afraid to learn new things
like how to use a camera
or how to make a fancy dessert
or how to forgive
or how to drive a car again
or how to plant some seeds.


and maybe just maybe
wear pink and red together!


  1. Great words Debi and oh so true

    love you big time
    xx Bonnie xx

  2. The wedding I shot on Saturday had a pink and red and orange theme and it was BEAUTIFUL