Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sept. 23, 2010

behind the scenes

not pretty huh?
this is the garbage dump on mud hole road
the word is they are planning on paving that road
and thinking of shipping all that garbage to the mainland
both would be great!

i hope they actually do this because it is quite an eyesore!
not to mention the smell.

but on the flip side
there are people living off this dump
they sort through it and take out all the recycleables.

you can read an article about that if you want from the 
'bay islands voice'
our local magazine.

you can't tell from the angle that i shot this photo
but in most places the garbage is as high as the wall.
this has kept the north shore from being developed 
because we stupid (oops) north americans don't like
driving by a dump to see God's beauty.
we can be so fickle at times.

so what were bob and i doing out there?
well we drove out to blue harbour lettuce farm to see
if they would have some space on their land to plant 
some moranga seeds.
it was a no to that request 
oh well
but on the flip side i am happy to say that we got a bag of lettuce 

the best lettuce ever!

hydroponically grown!
so delicious!

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