Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 21, 2010

hello again

at the beginning of september i had a wonderful visit 
with this young man in the shop

we had such a good time talking together
i was impressed with his charm, wit and compassion
it was a joy to see him again
i admit though i didn't remember him at first
(i know, tsk tsk.. must be my age!)

but once he started to speak i remembered him well
i blogged about him in my other blog
you can read it if you like
i confess that it is a long blog
 because i wrote out his story and anyone
who loves stories knows that the long ones are the best!

speaking of tea i would love some tea
but it is TOO hot to even think about tea
yes i know
the chill is coming in the air where you are but here:
OY!  this is our hottest month
i have a fan blowing warm air on me
and the sea is even warm these days
so a swim isn't the most refreshing thing
plus:  the warm, calm seas bring with them jellyfish!

so i am staying on shore
for now

okay enough complaining!
it is what we canadians do:  complain about the weather

sorry.. some habits die hard.

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