Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010

the roatan road

we have one main road that circles around the island
this is it folks!
no twinning,
or 4 lane highways here

just a single lane road,
no lines
to indicate passing or not
(apparently some gringo painted lines on the road 
a few years ago but none of the local adhered
to it so they are slowly wearing off)

very few signs on the side of the road
maybe a couple of speed signs but you really can 't go 
too fast because it is quite curvy and hilly.
although people do drive fast
and in fact many people here don't like to walk on the road
but hey...
gotta live dangerously and look at how beautiful it is!

beautiful green

this was taken by lawson rock
i walked there with brandi for exercise

i put moto the dog on the leash and he came along
for an island dog who is used to roaming free
i'd say he did extremely well with the leash.

it was a beautiful morning for a walk
down our roatan road...

bob and i saw this van later in the day while
we were out running errands 
(like trying to get our internet fixed...key word.. trying!)
loosely translated it says:
"special holy transportation
the blessing of God"

i want to drive around in THAT van! 
have a great day!

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