Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept. 24, 2010

flowers bay

we are expecting a visit from matthew,
a tropical storm
sometime tomorrow

it was supposed to go right over roatan
but now it looks like it has veered off towards the mainland

i took this while out walking with brandi 
along flowers bay
you can say the bank of rain clouds in the distance.
rain... oh glorious rain!
please come

we have gas for the car, lots of water, stocked up on food,
bob is fixing some drainage pipes,
carlos cleared off the leaves and fallen branches from the roof

we are ready
bring it on!!

i love a good storm
but i think as i just checked the hurricane centre 
that it will be about 3 days of bad weather.

i welcome the coolness though.

i hope wherever you are that you are safe, sound and happy

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